Why Longitude

Why choose the name Longitude? In early navigation of ships, it was relatively easy to determine latitude by using the sun or stars. Longitude was much more elusive. Several governments had large rewards for the first person that could find a way to reliably calculate longitude. Whoever could master longitude would have a huge naval advantage.

Many ways to calculate longitude were tried, but ultimately was solved by John Harrison by using a very accurate chronometer…so, time was the key to mastering longitude.

I find it to be the same in woodworking. Time is the key. None of us have enough of it. We don’t get enough time in our shop, we don’t have all the time we want to master a new technique, etc. You name it, most woodworking problems could be solved with more time.

So, I chose the name Longitude Wood Working for this site. Because woodworking is a never ending quest.

Christopher Schwarz said one time, the best way to learn to be a better writer is to write. He suggested starting a blog to have a place to write.

So this will be the saga of my start-and-stop woodworking…start the clock.

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